Now that we have arrived at this point in our study, we believe we were able to explain and develop the different sides of the notion « voyage » through the work of impressionist painters. The « voyage » is in no case a stable, determined concept : it’s a fluctuating, mobile notion, rich in meanings and open to many interpretations. Nevertheless, it’s a key concept of the impressionist art, weather it is as influence, representation, novelty or symbol. The impressionist painters travel, or, when the travel isn’t physical, they bring to the foreground a movement, of temporal or symbolic order, by their canvases.

Of course, we are only at the beginning of our work and there are a lot more ways to interpret and understand this essential « voyage » notion. Our acquired knowledge in the field of digital culture represents thus an important foundation for the learning and for the use of digital resources that are necessary to the preparation of our articles. Now that we know how to exploit them, we have in view to continue our researches on this impressionist theme.



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