Revolving around the theme of french impressionist painting, this blog is destined to a wide public. In fact, being students at the moment, and founding our articles on viable and mostly scientific sources, we consider this blog to be useful to researchers and art historians, as well as to amateurs. We have thus in view to address mostly to students in their research of general information, without making the content inaccessible to every day internet surfers that have the wish to do further inquiries on impressionism. Concerning the chosen theme for our blog, it is roughly described in the title of the site. In fact, following « The impressionism and the voyage », we refer to the notion of the voyage in the impressionist artistic movement, concentrating our research on the painters Paul Gauguin, Claude Monet, Paul Cézanne, Vincent Van Gogh and Edouard Manet. Nevertheless, we cannot forget to mention foreign painters when approaching themes such as the influences of french impressionism in the world.

We thus propose to study the impressionist paintings following essential notions for the understanding of the movement, such as the technique of « plein air » painting, but we take into account the less obvious aspects also, through a personal analysis of these canvases. In doing so, and in view of using the available on line resources in an efficient way, without neglecting our unique critique, we have chosen to develop the subject of impressionist painting following the different meanings associated to the term « voyage ». To this end, we have established four categories: « the physical voyage », « the symbolic voyage », « the ‘plein air’ painting » and « the impressionism outside France ».

We understand by « the physical voyage » the actual travels of the painters outside of Paris in their search for new sources of inspiration such as Argenteuil. As for « the « plein air » painting », essential notion of impressionism, we study, among others, their vision of the painting as a recording of the variations of landscape under the different light effects.

For « the impressionism outside France » we approach the mutual influences between the french artists and the painters outside of the hexagon : on one hand, we talk about the countries influenced by the french impressionist technique, such as England, and, on the other hand, about the major influence of foreign painters, such as the Japanese and theirs prints, on the french painters.

Lastly, « the symbolic voyage » deals with the image of the viewer, who is able to give way to his imagination in front of the beauty of a painting, in the same way as the painter who, by the process of creation, is able to « travel » with his spirit.

We hope you’ll enjoy your visit and for additional information regarding us view our page « the authors« .



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